Birth Of Muskaan

Mr. Vivian Maxim Rodrigues ( late ) - Founder, Mentor, Visionary. It was during his daily morning walks that Vivian noticed a group of kids from the slums nearby whose parents could not afford to send them to school. He was pained seeing these future of ours loitering without any direction going towards self - destruction. Being a person with a big heart and wanting to do something , he started talking to his friends and relatives.

Muskaan Sharing Smiles ( NGO ) initiated as an independent organisation on 16th September 2004 under his leadership and vision. It is the collective thought embellished in the minds of a group of individuals, with their fortes in distinct fields that urged them to work in unison and make 'Muskaan' a reality. Muskaan Sharing Smiles started with 5 children and today after 10 years we have 30 children under our roof. It mainly caters to the underprivileged children from Subhash Nagar slums, Mahakali, Andheri East. The children who started with us in the pre primary has today completed the 10th Std. The kids here are supervised and served individually. Through our various projects, we have not only managed to provide to the kids an education but also helped develop independent minds and most importantly, the fervent hope of an erudite future.

Our Vision

Spreading smiles among those children who need it most.

Our Mission

We believe that a lot of children have a great deal of potential which falls into an abyss. We aim to change that.

Our Initiatives

In an effort to nurture the children at every stage, whenever they enrol at Muskaan, we created vertical initiatives for individual attention and all round growth.


The slums at Andheri-East are the prime focus of "Muskaan" and thus, we decided to provide quality education combined with good nourishment to children pertaining to the Subhash Nagar area which approximately houses around 12,000 underprivileged families.The children pertaining to the aid of Muskaan, frequent Muskaan's day-care centre, the small house that composes SPARSH. This small house situated in a chawl is where nutrition, care and guidance is taken care off.


A formal education is deemed as highly indispensible- therefore we provide one to the children under VIDHYARAMBH. We take care of the primary, secondary and higher secondary schooling of the children coming from SPARSH, in this project. We enrol them in an English medium school in the vicinity and take care of extra expenses like food, clothing, and tuitions.


The fundamental aim of Enterprise is to shape the youth into self-reliant individuals, through counselling and assisting the educated lot in procuring decent jobs. This is the next step which we are looking to achieve for the children who will be stepping out of the higher secondary schooling who do not want to study further but are required to support their families financially.

This is a short run through of the projects we have initiated and would like to carry forward in a better way.